Laipac Technology, Inc, were founded in 1999 by Canadian entrepreneurs Maria C. Pacini and Diego Lai. The vision of Laipac was simple, even at its founding – provide peace of mind to customers by crafting the absolute best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use GPS asset trackers and geolocators on the market.

Today, Laipac Technology has become an industry leader in the field of GPS tracking, and has expanded its scope to cover the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT), with real-time asset tracking and people monitoring services and products.

But the vision hasn’t changed. At Laipac Technology, we build with the customer in mind – above all else.

Customer Focused

Whether you’re trusting us to track and monitor your most valuable land assets – ATMs, construction equipment, water vehicles, and other expensive machinery – or allowing us to provide location and tracking services for a loved one with our mobile healthcare products developed specifically for seniors and Alzheimer's care, we put your needs first.

Part of our success rests on our dedication to constant innovation. Laipac Technology looks to the future – that’s why we developed LocationNow Inc to bring easy, intuitive, web-based monitoring of GPS devices to mobile devices and web browsers. But we don’t stop there.


Innovation doesn’t always mean developing more advanced technology – innovation means developing the right technology. And though Laipac is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge GPS solutions – evidenced by our filing for several high-tech patents for GPS technology in 2016 – we know that technological innovation alone isn’t enough to succeed.

Since the needs of each sector of tracking are different, Laipac is dedicated to creating the perfect GPS monitoring solution for each and every need, including asset tracking, security personnel, and lone workers. There is no “perfect” solution that can fit every need. Laipac deals with this problem by crafting multiple individual products, each perfectly tailored to the needs of specific industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Each and every day, we wish to provide the absolute best, most innovative solutions to our clients and customers. Our desire is to improve quality of life, protect human beings and valuable assets, and ensure that any object tracked with our cutting-edge technology is as safe and secure as possible.

It is this spirit that has driven our growth. Our passionate desire for self-improvement and our vision for a safer, more well-protected future has led to our success. And despite the numerous business awards and nominations that Laipac has received, we’ve never lost our way.

Our business success is secondary to your customer success. That’s how we see things. Whether we make millions, or just barely turn a profit, we will always dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your GPS tracking needs are met exceptionally – to ensure that our products are the most safe, reliable, durable, and affordable on the market, no matter what valuable person or asset you need to track.

That’s our promise. That’s our mission. That’s what makes us different.

Our Journey

  • Founded by Maria Cristina Pacini and Diego Lai with $10,000
  • Participating the first trade show in Telexpo, Sao Paulo Brazil
  • Awarded the first design contract by Siemens Brazil
  • Awarded design contracts for caller ID phone by top Brazilian telecom companies
  • Launching the first generation of SiRF I GPS module for OEM customers
  • Launching 315‐434Mhz short range transmitter and receiver for OEM applications
  • First time exhibitor in America Security Miami and ExpoComm Toronto
  • Launching the first AVL device with TDMA technology
  • Moving to the new building
  • Laipac Europe office opened in Gerona Spain
  • Launching TF50, GNSS GLONASS & GPS dual module for clients Sandia Lab, Alamo Lab and US Military
  • Launching G10, G30 GPS receiver for portable use
  • Laipac Taiwan office opened in Taichung Taiwan
  • Launching G30L Data logger
  • Launching the first generation AVL device “Starfinder AVL”
  • Launching SiRF II GPS module for OEM customers
  • Launching the first GPS/GSM/GPRS wearable device S911 Personal Locator
  • Exhibitor for the first time in SMAU Milan Italy
  • Nominated for 2005 Innovation Award by Ontario Chamber of Commerce
  • Awarded as Best Export Company by Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce
  • Co‐founder & CEO nominated for Canadian Pioneer Award
  • Shipping 10,000 units of Starfinder AVL
  • NASCAR advertising campaign for S911 Personal Locator
  • Awarded tender of AVL devices for PEMEX
  • Awarded large PEMEX project for AVL contract
  • Exhibitor for the first time at CeBIT Hannover, CTIA Las Vegas and Expo Seguridad Mexico
  • S‐911 Personal Locator and Starfinder AVL certified by Telcel Mexico
  • Co‐founder and CEO selected as 50 leaders to watch in GPS World magazine
  • S‐911 Personal Locator selected by Bombardier and European Red Cross
  • S‐911 Personal Locator in Guinness record by tracking the conquering Kilimanjaro with wheelchair
  • Launching S‐911 MicroCovert for covert tracking
  • Launching SiRF III GPS module for OEM applications
  • S911 Personal Locator in CBS campaign “Eyes on the road” to find the cheapest gas price in America
  • Launching the first wearable device S911 Bracelet Locator in CeBIT Germany
  • CNN “Pulse on America” campaign for S911 Locator
  • Launching G35L data logger
  • Awarded the MENTORE project, sponsored by European Commission
  • Participating the anti‐kidnapping campaign in South Africa
  • Awarded the multi‐year supply contract for Starfinder AVL by KIA, Hyundai Ecuador
  • Close Laipac Europe office
  • Exhibitor for the first time in ASIS, ATA, India Telecom, Africacom
  • Launching S911 Bracelet Locator HC version for Alzheimer patients
  • S911 Bracelet awarded as Top Security Product Accolade in ASIS 2010
  • Launch Starfinder Lite, a compact and low cost vehicle tracking device
  • Exhibitor for the first time at HIMSS, MWC Barcelona and Soldier Expo
  • S911 Bracelet Locator selected as winner for ‘Boating Product of the Year’ at Finnboat, Helsinki
  • Launching S911 Vest product for tracking and protecting soldiers with GPS bullet proof vest
  • S911 Vest awarded as Top Security Product Accolade in ASIS 2011
  • Exhibitor for the second time in MWC Barcelona
  • Launching S911 Lola, the mPERS device with SOS button and two‐way communication
  • Promoting S911 Lola for vertical market worldwide
  • Moving to a new facility
  • S911 Lola design‐win with KPN, Telcel, Orange and Movistar
  • Moving the assembly and production of products to Taiwan
  • Awarded tenders for house arrest projects with S911 Bracelet ST
  • Awarded the project of independent living with S911 Bracelet Locator by Ministry of Health of city of Moscow
  • Awarded vehicle tracking projects in Algeria, UAE and Cameroon
  • Exporting products and solutions to over 100 countries
  • Awarded tenders for House Arrest projects with S911 Bracelet ST
  • Awarded the project by City of Moscow with S911 Lola for elderly care
  • Awarded the public safety project by Airbus
  • Launch IoT module for equipment monitoring
  • Launch Starfinder Aire for compact machine monitoring
  • Awarded IoT equipment monitoring projects by Trimble Navigation
  • Awarded ATM monitoring projects for Saudi Arabia
  • Awarded the house arrest projects for Indonesia, Mexico and Argentina
  • Launch Restraining Order Solution for Domestic Violence prevention
  • Launch Starfinder Kamel for asset monitoring
  • Named as provider of good rating for Airbus Defense
  • Launching LUNA 3G IoT module for equipment monitoring
  • Filed patents for several innovative product concepts and algorithms
  • Joined with Ontario Premier Mrs. Wynne for delegation visit to Japan and Korea
  • Partnership with Ryerson University to develop “Dynamic Crowd Management Response System” with real time position info for big data analysis. The objective is to protect the safety of people in a large crowd environment by using Laipac’s new wearable devices
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign for LooK Watch with approx. 300% of goal reached
  • Participating as exhibitor in MWC America San Francisco Sept 2017
  • Announcing the development of KimbaTag for IoT livestock tracking and management
  • Announcing the development of Jetplug, the smart plug with IoT LTE to protect the equipment against theft
  • Awarded funding by Ontario Centre of Excellence to develop the High Occupancy Lane detection for Ontario’s highway by using Laipac’s proprietary IoT technology
  • Participating as exhibitor in CES Las Vegas January 2018
  • LooK Watch shipping started on Feb 15th
  • Participating as exhibitor in MWC Barcelona February 2018