Within a month of having our Laipac GPS system installed we were already seeing a great deal of difference in our truck usage, and more accurate job cost, due to the better control of time sheets.

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Steve G. Toronto, Canada

Soaring gas prices and maintenance costs made many business owners aware of the importance of controlling the movements of their mobile assets. As a small country the Bahamas is paying an even higher price for fuel

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Zoltan S. Nassau, Bahamas

This GPS tracking device monitors, tracks, and recovers non-powered and powered assets. Starfinder Kamel efficiently manages all assets that are in stock, rented, or acquired. It has been designed for vehicles, watercrafts, trailers, construction machinery, stationary equipment, compressors, generators, waste and recycle
Laipac’s MicroCovert is the best solution to track, locate and recover non-powered assets in covert operations. This GPS tracking device is protected by a strong, durable, waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof case. It is easy to install. Just attach the MicroCovert to any metal surface and it is ready to use.