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S-911 Bracelet Locator - Applications Overview
1) Quad Phone with Phone Book & SOS feature.

a) Used as GSM Cell Phone to talk to authority or police by pressing SOS button -
The programmed emergency phone number by pressing the SOS button after unlocking the Menu key

b) 2 Way Voice Communication - Speed Dialing + Phone book for up to 100 phone numbers.

2) AGPS (Assisted GPS)
AGPS - Allow both outdoor & indoor tracking; Help in emergency situation /disaster i.e. earthquake
3) G-Sense & Geo Fence Alert
Trigger Alert & send SOS message:
1) Falling–Triggering the G-sensor 2) Exit Geo Fence – Trigger the Geo-Fence Alert
4) Tamper Detection Alert
Trigger Alert & Send SOS message
5) Prohibited Zone
Alert when offender approaching the prohibited zones…
6) Geo-Zone (Coming Feature)
Allowing offender to go to work inside the pre-defined zone.
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