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S911 Bracelet Locator - World Famous AGPS Cell Phone Tracking Device
S911 bracelet locator
GPS Bracelet
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Bracelet Wrist Tracker
Follow My Track
GPS device for House Arrest, Law Enforcement & Security
Healthcare GPS for Senior & Alzheimer patient
GPS for Alzheimers
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S911 Mobile Power
s911 mobile power
Mobile charger with
3A Li-Ion Polymer Battery
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GPS Watch
Asis top 10 winner
For outdoor / indoor & urban canyon location
Worldwide coverage
SOS Assistance SOS Assistance
Panic button to call Authority
Shock Sensor G Sensor shock alert
Alert impact, accident or tamper detection
Tamper Detection Tamper Detection
Built–In tamper detection circuit for security purpose & real time alert
Geofence GeoFence
In/out of fence alert
Data Logger Data Logger
Record data while no cell phone coverage
over speed Over Speed Alert
Reduce driving risk
Bracelet Wrist Tracker

Laipac S911 Bracelet Locator is a WaterBlock™ wrist wearable security device with Assisted GPS technology for both outdoor and indoor location. It’s also a Quad-band GSM Phone for voice and data communication.

S911 Bracelet Locator has been designed based on the application requirement from law enforcement agencies and health authorities. Such as tamper detection, motion sensor, power saving and compression are all unique features. The suggested applications are : Child protection, Law enforcement, Home arrest, Parole monitoring, Lone Worker Protection, Elderly Care and Alzheimer Care.

See S911 Bracelet Locator HC (Healthcare)
See S911 Bracelet Locator ST (Security)

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GSM/GPRS Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
LCD Display for Time, Date, Speed and GPS Info
AGPS for both outdoor & indoor Location
Built in SPK and MIC
2 dial buttons on the side
Micro USB port for configuration and power charging
Geo-Fence setting with in/out alert
Security band available
Tamper Detection
Data logger built in with thousands of waypoint to record time stamp, speed, position, and event state.
3 Axial Accelerometer to report impact, accident, crash, tamper intent and falling
Real time dynamic position report based on time interval or distance travelled
Mileage report and over-speed alert
Phonebook & Fast dial feature
arrow ** HZOŽ Protection (Optional)
**HZO Protection (Optional)
HZO HZOŽ Protection is cutting edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids.
HZOŽ gives the Laipac's S911 Bracelet Locator water protection against accidental splashes and brief submersion.
Please contact sales@laipac.com to order your Bracelet Locator with HZOŽ
Click here to learn more about HZOŽ

S911 Bracelet Locator Models
Bracelet Locator Security GPS Bracelet GPS Tracker for Health Care GPS Bracelet Locator for Healthcare
CE (Standard)
ST (Security)
HC (Healthcare)
(Healthcare + Security)

S911 Bracelet Locator Kit
DSK- Demo Kit
arrow ADK - Application Dev Kit
arrow (Option -Health Care Kit)

Bracelet GPS
GPS Bracelet Tracker
Law Enforcement
Children Protection
Healthcare assistance
Elderly Care & more...
GPS location system


Device measures:

5.0 × 4.4 × 1.5 cm
(Band area not included)

Gift Box measures:

123(w) x 168(h) x86(d)mm

GPS Bracelet Tracking
S911 Bracelet Locator can be monitored in real-time on the internet using our web-based tracking site www.LocationNow.com.
LocationNow.com LocationNow.com

LocationNow offers a Complete Web Based Tracking Solution using GPS and Wireless Communications, allowing an easy and quick location for mobile assets and people. The users of S911 Lola, S911 Personal Locator, S911 Bracelet Locator, MicroCovert and Starfinder AVL can access to LocationNow.com

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