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Transmiter & Receiver at 315,418, 433.92 (434) Mhz SAW Resonator ASK Modulation

Transmitter and Receiver

TLP 434A RLP 434A RLP 434
TLP & RLP 434A
Model Description
TLP 434A RF Transmitter @433.92MHz
RLP 434 RF Receiver @433.92Mhz
RLP 434A RF Receiver @433.92MHz

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These modules operate on 433.92, 418 or 315 Mhz., same as the standard TLP & RLP 434 modules but they have made significant changes in the size of the unit. They are SAW based and offer about 100 meters range in Line-of-Sight operating form 2-12 volts. The new version has a data rate of 4.8KB/s, over double the speed of the previous version and still provides 16DBm of output power off under 20mA of current. The module uses ASK as the form of modulation and has both digital and analogue outputs.

The size and simplicity of these units make them a professional and economical solution for many wireless applications. Is full compatible with the older version of the RLP433 for the advantage of people with existing units however we would recommend their use with the New RLP433(A) Module as they will provide better stability due to the inbuilt SAW resonator as opposed to an LC type.



TLP 434A Spec.
RLP 434A Spec.
RLP 434 Spec.
Testing Report for TLP & RLP 434A
TLP & RLP 434A Power output


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