Fleet Management

Managing and Protecting your vehicle fleet with real-time location monitoring

Laipac's series of vehicle locator products monitor the vehicles in your fleet, providing both current and historical on your vehicles. Used in more than 85 countries, the Starfinder series of products provide reliable reports of the asset's position, and speed allowing the performance of the vehicles and their drivers to be monitored.

See how the application works below:

Login Screen

Enter www.locationnow.com in your Internet browser; this will take you to the login screen where you enter your User ID and Password to access the Dashboard.


After logging in, you will see the LocationNow.com Dashboard. From here you can access the information and functions related to the locator devices assigned to the account.


The Geo-Fence function is used to set boundaries that will generate an alert if crossed by the locator. This provides an automatic time stamp for when a worker arrived on a site and when they left. A function useful for locating a worker in an emergency; and for billing for the time a worker spends on site.

Output Control

Our locators that are designed for vehicle tracking applications are equipped with digital signal outputs. User control of these outputs is available through the Command Center icon's Output Control option.


The history feature on Locationnow.com can display the location of the monitored asset for periods within ninety days of the current time. Tabular and mapped displays of the data are available.
The application diagram below illustrates how the system operates.

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