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The G-30L Compact GPS receiver/data logger is about half of the size of a computer mouse. It is based on the SiRF star II TM chip set manufactured by SiRF Technology, Inc., G-30L supports all features, and maintains the technical specifications of the SiRF Star II TM architecture.
The G-30L receiver is a fully self-contained receiver for the Global Positioning System with data logger capabilities. Inside the container, the TF30 GPS module provides complete GPS signal processing from antenna input to serial data output. The module connects seamlessly to a low cost active antenna. In addition, the G-30L is also a mini data logger (stores GPS data for up to 15hrs @ 1Hz update rate), it does so by using SiRF GSP2e integrated ARM7TDMITM microprocessor and on-board flash memory.

Two versions of G-30L are available. G-30 RS232 comes with a 9-pin serial connector, and G-30L USB comes with a USB connector. These receivers are well suited to system integrators or users who use popular PC compatible system, notebook PC, PDA and “off-the-shelf” GPS solution
This GPS receiver can be used as an ordinary real-time GPS locator, and in the mean time to log the GPS data to its on-board flash memory. The type of data to be logged as well as the data format can be specified by the user in the logging setup. The log rate is also user definable. When any of these are activated, the character string is written to the log file along with the GPS data. A companion software package provides above functions and replays these markers.

G-30-L can satisfy a wide variety of application for vehicle navigation, tracking or leisure purpose. In automotive applications, the SiRF architecture supports advanced tracking capabilities through fast recovery times combined with reliable operation in “urban” and areas of dense foliage.

Is ideal for commercial and professional applications such as precision agriculture, and geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping.

G-30 units come set with a convenient set of factory defaults so normally no configuration is required. However there are technical notes available which outline the various commands for setting time, data, initial position, update rate, NMEA output sentences etc. Changing receiver outputs can be achieved by typing text commands via a terminal program such as Hyperterminal or alternatively the SiRF Demo program is provided free of charge by the manufacturer for more advanced configuration and diagnostics.

The standard GPS NMEA output can be be viewed easily using a program such as GPS Diag . Being based on the NMEA protocol the receiver is compatible with virtually all freeware, shareware and commercial GPS mapping programs.

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