Law Enforcement

For House Arrest, Parole and Security Applications

Laipac provides electronic monitoring solutions for law enforcement applications. Out Bracelet Locator comes with a locking security band that individuals under house arrest or on parole can be required to wear. The security band has a tamper detection feature that will alert the monitoring system should it be cut or opened in an unapproved manner.

The general monitoring of an individual’s location coupled with the use of geofences provide alerts if the individual breaches a fence by leaving their home without authorization while under house arrest, or going too close to an area from which they are required to stay away. The Bracelet Locator also provides a record of where the individual has been while subject to monitoring by the authorities.

See how the application works below:

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Login Screen

Enter in your Internet browser; this will take you to the login screen where you enter your User ID and Password to access the Dashboard.


After logging in, you will see the Dashboard. From here you can access the information and functions related to the locator devices assigned to the account.


The geofence features in LocationNow allow for the creation of exclusion zones from which the monitored individual must stay away from, or inclusion zones such as their home or work where they must be between certain times each day.


The G-Force function detects falls and other sudden changes in movement. The acceleration needed to trigger an alert is user selectable.


The history feature on can display the location of the monitored individual for periods within ninety days of the current time. Tabular and mapped displays of the data are available.
The application diagram below illustrates how the system operates.

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