Mobile Healthcare

Personal Emergency Response System

Laipac offers a small and unobtrusive GPS locator about the size of a vehicle's remote starter or door opener. The locator can be worn on a belt or wrist using one of our optional accessories, or attached to a keychain. Combined with our powerful web based tracking application,, the geographic location of the person who is wearing the device can be monitored. The device has an SOS button that the wearer can use to alert caregivers to their need for assistance. In addition to making a phone call to a caregiver, others can be notified by email or text message at the same time. The Locator can also receive incoming calls, and can be set to automatically answer creating two way voice communication even if the wearer is not able to press the button to pick up the call.

See how the application works below:

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Login Screen

Enter in your Internet browser; this will take you to the login screen where you enter your User ID and Password to access the Dashboard.


After logging in, you will see the Dashboard. From here you can access the information and functions related to the locator devices assigned to the account.


The Geo-Fence function is used to set up boundaries that will generate an alert if crossed by the locator. This provides an automatic time stamp for when a worker arrived on a site and when they left. A function useful for locating a worker in an emergency; and for billing for the time a worker spends on site.


The G-Force function detects falls and other sudden changes in movement. The acceleration needed to trigger an alert is user selectable.


The Medicine Alert feature provides up to 6 daily reminders for the user to take their medications.


The history feature allows family members and care givers to view the person's movements during the previous 90 days.
The application diagram below illustrates how the system operates.

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