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Press Release

Oct 2013

KPN Selects Laipac's S911 Lola as the Personal Locator of Choice

World's Smallest GPS Locator Phone to be Offered to KPN's Markets

RICHMOND HILL, CANADA - October 26, 2013 - Laipac Technology Inc. today announced that its S911 Lola has been selected by Dutch telecom giant KPN to be marketed as the personal locator of choice for their customers.

Laipac's S911 Lola is the world's smallest full-featured personal locator with built-in GPS, full 2-way quad-band mobile phone functionality, automatic fall detection, and many other capabilities. Lola can be used to protect loved ones, allowing caregivers to know exactly where the loved one is at any moment simply by looking on Laipac's LocationNow website after securely logging in. Lola will also automatically notify caregivers by SMS, email, phone call, etc., upon events like the loved one falling down or pressing the large emergency button. During an emergency, or at any time, two-way re-assuring conversation can take place through the cell phone functionality.

As the world population ages, the 36 million people who live with dementia will double every 20 years. According to the Alzheimer's Society, dementia patients with Alzheimers are prone to wandering (6 out of 10 will wander), and if not found within 24 hours, about half of the patients may suffer serious injury or even death. The impact of this trend is just now beginning to emerge as the first babyboomers turned 65 only recently in 2011. Laipac's S911 Lola and Bracelet products will provide protection against wandering and falling, and can also be used to protect children and others.

"KPN M2M is proud to launch MySafeGuard the 1st of November, which is one of our Healthcare services. The MySafeGuard service enables elderly people and lone-workers to feel free, save and mobile by using the Laipac Lola device. KPN Machine 2 Machine is delighted having the Lola in her Healthcare assortment. The device is simple, smart and good looking; a perfect combination for our main target groups: elderly people and lone-workers." Said Merel van den Boomen, Commercial Product Manager of KPN.

"We are very excited about the success of Lola in the mPERS (mobile personal emergency response system) market," said Diego Lai, CEO of Laipac. "Mobile carriers such as KPN are recognizing the value Lola brings to a fast-growing segment of their customers, and the potential it represents in driving new demand for voice and data use."

About Laipac Technology Inc.

Laipac Technology Inc. is the world leader in GPS locators for personal and asset protection. Laipac's vehicle tracking products such as the StarFinder and MicroCovert product line have a track record of successes. Its personal products such as the S911 Personal Locator and the S911 Bracelet have won various innovation and best of show awards. The S911 Lola is a new generation of personal locators designed to be small and fashionable, yet provide state of the art protection. Laipac products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. For more information, please visit www.laipac.com.

About KPN

KPN is the market leader IT/Telecom firm in the Netherlands and has 14 million customers. In Germany and Belgium, KPN is a challenger brand with 26 million customers. KPN Machine 2 Machine is a global department and focusses on communication services via the mobile network where equipment can be read, activated or controlled remotely. In this way mutual communication is possible between machines or between machines and people. For more information, please visit www.kpn.com


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