LooK ... Smart

Internet of Things Integrated
Standalone Smartwatch
Standalone Smartwatch with cellphone connectivity, built-in SOS button, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, advanced quad core processor with GPS, water resistance, multiple motion sensors, high-grade stainless-steel body, AMOLED display with amazing colours, and more.
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LooK ... Freedom

LooK is a Phone
Feel the freedom. Make and receive phone calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

LooK ... Safe

The LooK Watch Guardian Angel Connect feature gives you the ultimate peace of mind. You can relax and continue with your day knowing that you and your loved ones are safe.

LooK ... Reliable

LooK Watch
SOS Button
Pre-programmed emergency contact numbers.
LooK Watch
Fall Detection
Designed with integrated accelerometers, gyro and compass sensors.
LooK Watch
False Alarm Detection
Laipac’s innovated false alarm detection systems.
LooK Watch
Customize multiple virtual fences in any location.
LooK Watch
Virtual Nurse
Monitors heart rate and reminds you when to take your medicine.
LooK Watch
Fitness Tracker
Records your exercise activities.

Personal Safety at Work
LooK Watch
SOS Button for Outdoor Sports
LooK Watch
Safety at The Touch of Your Fingertips
LooK Watch

LooK is for Everyone

In case of emergency, one second touch on the SOS button will call a pre-set fast dial number for voice call and also send SMS message with GPS location to an emergency cellphone number. This real time alert can also be sent to LocationNow.com as an optional monitoring service.

LooK ... Virtual Nurse

Track Your Heart Rate &
Activate Medicine Reminders
medicine reminder
LooK watch is an enhanced health and fitness tracker. LooK monitors your heart rate, records steps travelled, logs all your fitness activities and jogging routes through the LocationNow app. If you take medications, you can activate medicine reminders.

LooK ... No Fear

Safety Accompanying You
Wherever You Go
Using combined G-sensors, the LooK Watch generates an emergency alert if a physical fall is detected. The emergency alert will then be sent to your pre-set personal emergency contact numbers and services with your GPS coordinates and incident location. Two-way calling then directly communicates you with your emergency contacts and reassures you that help is on the way. If it is a false alarm, the watch user simply needs to press the SOS button when prompted to do so, and the emergency alert will be cancelled.

LooK ... Ahead

GPS Location Technology
The LooK Watch’s GPS capabilities are integrated into the watch’s hardware, making it fully GPS enabled with Laipac’s award-winning technology.

LooK ... Fun

Powerful Processor and
Plenty of Memory
1.3Ghz Processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of memory storage lets you store hundreds of songs, video clips, and photos.

LooK Has
Worldwide Coverage

Network compatible with
over 150 countries

LooK ... Water
No Problem

Water Resistant Stainless Steel Body with IP67

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LooK ... Features and Watch Faces

LooK Watch
LooK Watch

LooK ... Under the Hood

High-Grade Stainless Steel
AMOLED Display with Sapphire Glass
Customizable Digital Watch Faces

Technology Inside