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StarFinder Bus - Passenger Counting System
StarFinder Bus
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The StarFinder BUS is designed to count people in buses, light rail and other public transit vehicles. It detects the passage of people and collect data on Passenger flow, both Entry and Exit. It incorporates an innovative passenger flow sensors that collects data on a Real-Time basis to generate traffic-pattern with occupancy versus vacancy information. This allows transit agencies to plan according to the actual needs and demands of the ridership, which are economically and environmentally sustainable practice for real time statistical data of passenger traffic flow.
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The StarFinder BUS solution delivers a robust solution to the problem of accurately and efficiently managing passenger boarding and alighting data. Laipac’s GPS Starfinder Lite and passenger flow advanced technology solution helps transit agencies improve the efficiency of their operations by delivering the most complete and accurate passenger-count data for the management of Public Transport Systems. The Sensors are Non-obtrusive and Do-Not make physical contact with passengers. This product is a superior method compared to conventional pedal push counters. The Analysis generated provides a comprehensive overview of your vehicles fleet travel time passenger boarding and alighting points, driver
behaviour and engine performance wear.

StarFinder BUS system is composed of passenger flow sensor, passenger flow processor, and gate signal switching. Through the RS232 interface, real-time data exchange, between the data which is counted by StarFinder Lite to increase traffic statistical functions on the basis of the original features.

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Passenger Flow Sensor
Passenger flow sensors are installed at the top of the door. The shock-proof design of passenger flow sensor, ensures the vibration caused the buses traveling in poor road conditions does not affect the passenger flow sensors to work properly.
Passenger Flow Processor
Passenger flow processors are used for handling the signals returned by passenger traffic sensors, computing tin accordance with passenger flow algorithm operation, and then resulting in passenger traffic data. There are 3 processing CPU in the passenger flow processor, which are, respectively, for the front passenger flow sensors, back passenger flow sensors, and communications interface processing.
Passengers Counting System
Gate Signal Switching
It is used to detect the current state of corresponding to the door. When the door is open, the signal responses to the passenger flow processor and handle, then passenger flow processor will start on the door of the passenger traffic statistics. While the door is closed, the passenger flow processor does not deal with signals generated passenger movement.
Bus Passenger Flow
StarFinder BUS system installation diagram
The passenger flow sensors are installed at the top of the front and the back bus door. The sensors can detect the width of 33cm. So each door required for installation of the number of sensors must be in accordance width of the actual passage of the door. All passenger flow sensors and gate signal switches are connected to passenger flow processors. Passenger flow processor is provided by the vehicle power.
Bus System Installation Diagram
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