Staff within our organization have been using Laipac’s LOLA devices in some of our overseas offices. The SOS feature and ability to check on a staff member’s location in the event of an emergency helps us provide faster response times and peace of mind for the organization.

We have also purchased several of the Starfinder units for our vehicles. Working with Laipac staff has been a great experience – they have done a great job helping us with setup of the devices and online platform, and we are very much appreciative of their support!

Chris C., Washington DC, USA

I own two S-911 Bracelet HC. I bought them to use for my mother, who has Alzheimer's disease. My mother is very dear and special to me and I want her to be happy and be at home. Thus the need for the bracelets. I needed help with some problems I was having with one of the bracelets and I was fortunate enough to have Adam helping me. He was so very patient with me, as I am not computer literate, and guided me through each step very professionally. I was very impressed with his knowledge and thought you should know how valuable he is to your company. If the world had more employees like Adam, it would certainly be a wonderful world. I can't express in words how helpful he was.

Glenda W. Texas USA

Stella Care is using Laipac's products for tracking people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We are using the S-911 Bracelet and the S-911 Lola. We have tested at lot of other products and Laipac's Bracelet and Lola are currently the only GPS trackers for personal tracking that meet our requirements regarding GPS precision, mechanical quality, and overall look and feel. The GPS receiver in the Lola is outstanding. It reliably and quickly connects to the GPS satellites, even in indoor environments.

Our customers especially demand the Lola, making it one of the main pillars in our business.

We are also very satisfied with the service and support from Laipac. Our requests and orders are always handled quickly.

Soren C., Denmark

We have researched over 100 companies in the technology security industries. Our goal was to find a provider that had the technology and customer support that would easily adapt in an international market.

We live in a world where our families and co-workers safety is our highest priority. Our mission was to find ways to innovate how we protect ourselves and our client’s valuables. During our journey we found the best company for the job - Laipac.

A company that not only has the reputation for having the best quality and technology in hand, but they also have the personnel with the field experience needed for our goals to be reached. We first purchased a product called S-911 Bracelet Locator (Personal Locator) which is a GPS, cell phone, panic emergency alert watch. Our staff had the best technical support in the industry; most of our clients don’t have the I.T experience needed to make the S-911 Bracelets functional.

Laipac technology gave us an amazing support with the highest quality of customer service in the industry. There patience, commitment, and communication skills to help us with their product is like no other. It didn’t matter what language our customers spoke. Laipac would communicate their support 100%. I would definitely recommend Laipac and all of their products.

Angel Ricardo L. DF, Mexico

"Since 2006, we have been offering vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions using Laipac’s devices.

The AVL Starfinder series from Laipac has been proven to be quite reliable for our business. The fact that we have not introduced any other device to date further affirms the robustness of the products supplied to us by Laipac. We have in turn been able to provide our customers a dependable solution to track their assets.

We have succeeded in preventing car thefts from U.A.E borders to neighboring countries Oman and Yemen which has saved a lot of money for our clients. Our reputation is growing and so is our client base which includes school sector, rental car companies, distribution sector, government agencies oil companies etc.

Laipac devices in U.A.E. have not only allowed us to track our vehicles in real time tracking, regarding speed & stop times, but also has a wide range of capabilities ranging from transmitting the ignition status, immobilizing the vehicle in case of theft, alerting the control center in case of an emergency, an effective geo-fence and mileage setting for fleet management and many other features."

Roy N. Dubai, U.A.E.

About a year ago, our local Police Department initiated a trial program using a tracking device in a wristwatch to keep track of Alzheimer patients who had previously gotten lost. As my husband, Fred, was diagnosed years ago with Alzheimer's disease, and got lost for the first time just before the trial started, I was very anxious to sign up. The trial was very successful, and so I was very keen to continue to use the device, if possible. This has now happened, thanks to the help from your company, as well as Constable MacGillvary. Use of the device gives me enormous peace of mind, and freedom from worry.

As an example, this past weekend, we were able to go to our grandson's graduation from St.F.X., about 2hrs drive from here, take Fred, and not be at all concerned when he went outside to smoke his cigar. As an added bonus, when I checked my e-mail, it told me how many times his watch, and therefore my car, had broken the speed limit!! E-mail also alerts me when the battery is low, in case he forgets. It is truly a lifeline for me, and makes this disease a little easier to manage.

Ann W. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

The S-911 Bracelet Locator has been working great for the Grant County Sheriff's Office. It is saving the tax payers money by allowing juveniles to be placed on house arrest instead of placing them in juvenile detention at a cost of over $155.00 per day. We are also using it through the Grant County District Court system when the judge orders house arrest time instead of placing the person in jail.The system works great in that it allows us to look at the person that is being monitored any time of day or night and that it is REAL TIME!!! I like being able to set up areas that are not to be entered or exited at my finger tips it helps cut down on the time you have to monitor the person. Battery time is good on the bracelets and easy to keep track of when it is on a person that is being monitored. This is a great product and I am sure that we will be buying more in the future.

County Sheriff of Kansas, USA

During the last two year working with your Laipac S-911 Bracelets has really open a new business opportunity for our company. As you may know we are working with life-saving equipments for boating and marine industry, therefore the S-911 Bracelet was a natural choice in our product line.

The breakthrough for the S-911 was the Helsinki International Boat Show in February 2011, visited by 85,000 boating enthusiasts. During the show, the Laipac S-911 Bracelet achieved the Boating Products of the Year 2011. “The S-911 represents new, innovative and extensive product development, to certify this the product has being awarded the honorary diploma.” I think this tells all about the business opportunity with your products.

Keep up the good work!

Bo W. Helsinki, Finland

Thank you very much for the excellent help and technical support for the S911 Lola. Adam was very helpful to my parents who are fairly uncomfortable with technology. Not only was he able to troubleshoot their problems but his patience and timely responses were deeply appreciated. All of you have answered our questions and provide a product which is very valuable to us in providing a sense of greater safety and security for a loved one. The product is very simple and easy to use as well as unobtrusive. It certainly adds to our quality of life and we will share this with our friends and others who might benefit from its use. Thanks for your work in providing an important resource!

Susan, Minnesota USA

In our business, our clients trust that we are providing the very best technology for personal safety and that is why we trust the product offerings from Laipac. Not only is Laipac superior with regard to their product catalog, but the support and resources they provide ensure we are well educated when bringing the products to market. Dealing primarily within the healthcare sector, we need to provide the very best possible products available to ensure personal safety. Laipac is the company we turn to, to provide these products which can be counted on in this highly sensitive industry. We feel fortunate to be affiliated with Laipac, and we are extremely excited to see what the future new product developments will bring.

Sean O. CT, USA

Our key problem was that our customer's needs were very specific and inflexible and were not being met by any existing product in our market. The S-911 was sourced and trialled amongst a number of other devices from around the world and it proved to be the standout device based on it's quality, ease of use and comprehensive capabilities. The S-911 solved our problem as we were able to offer a premium product to our customers that exceeded their expectations. This product has opened doors for us, allowing us to commence negotiations with a number of government departments and health care providers and greatly improves our local product offering.

Lisa T. Australia

Within a month of having our Laipac GPS system installed we were already seeing a great deal of difference in our truck usage, and more accurate job cost, due to the better control of time sheets. I would recommend anyone with a fleet to manage, big or small, to get this system installed. I don't see how service oriented companies with fleets or vehicles on the road can afford not to have this system. We now control overtime as we now know start times and finish times, it's helped us reduce our monthly costs by at least 20%. The Laipac GPS system has put money back into our business in a short period of time.

Steve G. Toronto, Canada

The Starfinder AVL tracking system has been an extremely helpful tool for our Shipping Supervisor. We noticed an improvement the day we started using it and we are still using it on a daily basis 6 months later. The units have not only helped us run more efficiently but we are able to react quicker to unexpected deliveries and pick ups.

Kevin D. Toronto, Canada

S-911 Bracelet Locator, literally, saved our lives. It has given Jeff his freedom and the ability to enjoy his running and other activities, as well as giving me some much needed peace-of-mind and the ability to focus on what I need to get done. It’s really enabled me to focus on what matters most.

Dawn, USA

We have been very impressed with the level of service and technical expertise we have received from Laipac. Any questions & problems have been dealt with in a timely manner and we have had good results from using Laipac hardware

Aaron M. Albany, New Zealand

Soaring gas prices and maintenance costs made many business owners aware of the importance of controlling the movements of their mobile assets. As a small country the Bahamas is paying an even higher price for fuel so the pressure is on to reduce costs and make the use of assets more efficient. We have deployed hundreds of StarFinder units and this is just the start of wider implementation as the awareness for asset management is growing. The system works well in our area thanks to a robust design and high degree of reliability.

Zoltan S. Nassau, Bahamas

I feel very comfortable with Laipac Technology Inc and their products.

All devices with no exception are working perfectly since the first day of use. That counts for the Starfinder AVL as well as for the S-911 and Microcovert Units. I’m very thankful for the help and quick response to all the questions I had during the process of getting used to the products and the applications on the Locationnow website.

I'm proud to sell outstanding products with no competition so far in the world of GPS. As my customers are happy so am I.

Axel S. Asuncion, Paraguay

The S-911 Personal Locator was the perfect GPS device for my cycling tour from Mississauga, ON to St. John's, NFLD. It was small, light-weight and easy to use. Family and friends were easily able to track my progress, daily distance, average speed and location. Everyone I talked to said how much fun they had tracking me on the web and that it made them feel like they were right there with me! Thanks to Laipac for donating the unit for my ride... it's a great product!

Zain R. Mississauga, ON Canada

I am writing to recommend the services of our Laipac GPS partner. I have been using Laipac GPS devices too locate our 2200 vehicles for the past five years, and have always been completely satisfied, they do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates.

We have also hired them on occasion for extra jobs, system configuration, distance intervention on servers, deep problem solving in real time, etc. They have been very reasonably period, and have done exectly what we've asked of them

Tarek L. Algiers, Algeria

As a System Integrator and Engineering consultant I need to offer High Quality Technology Products to my customers. Additionally, I need a background of Professionals to support these solutions. When I need AVL Solutions I can find all of these qualities in the products, professional staff, and high technology, in the Laipac Team.

Carlos F. Orlando, Florida, USA