The world of commerce and transportation is constantly changing. In the past, it was impossible to accurately monitor assets over long distances, and even RFID tags and other tracking solutions fell short of the requirements of companies who needed to know where their most valuable assets were at all times.

Things have changed. Now, GPS and high-tech tracking technologies have combined with modern transmission and battery technologies to allow for high-quality, commercial-grade GPS trackers to become commonplace, and very affordable. In turn, this has made GPS tracking and geolocation of assets more important than ever – whether for security purposes, insurance purposes, or just to ensure that important assets, equipment, and people are secure and on schedule.

GPS tracking has become commonplace on most large, important assets – heavy duty construction equipment and other fleets of heavy-duty machinery, important shipments and vehicles, and even on boats and containers on cargo ships. Information is the most valuable asset a company has – and without GPS tracking it’s impossible to have the information about where your assets are at any given time.

Laipac Asset Locators offer an ideal GPS asset tracking choice – one that has been designed with the needs of customers with high-value assets in mind. Our asset locators have been developed for maximum ease-of-use, long life, durability, and shock resistance.

Installation of our asset locators is as easy as finding a flat spot to attach them with rare-earth magnets, and since they use high-quality, internal Li-Ion batteries, they can be attached to both powered and unpowered machinery.

Asset Locator

If you’re looking to install a GPS locator for permanent, long-term use, our asset locators can be permanently installed with screws, and wired up to power sources directly, eliminating the need for removal of the GPS locator for recharging – this makes them a great fleet management solution for high-cost, specialized equipment.

Battery life has long been an issue for GPS asset locators – but not for high quality Laipac GPS devices. Depending on the model chosen, your asset locator can last from one month up to six months, and each asset locator has a built-in sleep mode to help it conserve power when it’s not being tracked regularly.

Tracking isn’t just limited to daily check-ins – each individual asset locator can be set to push updates and notifications after certain time and distance intervals.

In addition, Laipac asset locators come with accelerometers and speed trackers. The accelerometers allow the tracker to detect shock and movement, giving you valuable information about the treatment of your asset, while the mileage and speed trackers allow for a better understanding of how your equipment is being used, whether it’s being driven by an employee or transported by a contractor.

Today, it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on your most valuable equipment. Don’t rely on outdated RFID or other distance-limited technology, and don’t turn to cheap GPS locators. Laipac is the best in the business. We’ve been building asset trackers since 1999, and we’re on the cutting-edge of GPS technology. Get a Laipac. Track your assets. Know they’re safe.