GPS Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Management System

Managing and Protecting your vehicle fleet with real-time location monitoring

For transportation, equipment rental, and construction companies alike, equipment represents a huge investment of capital. Your fleet of specialized equipment is potentially one of the single largest assets that you have.

Because of this, fleet management GPS solutions and asset trackers are more important in today's world than ever. These high-tech monitoring devices do far more than just track the location of individual vehicles – they provide real-time monitoring of speeds, routes, vehicle performance and driver performance, ensuring a comprehensive view of exactly what your vehicles are doing once they’re out on the open road.

GPS Fleet Management

Laipac leads the industry in the development of specialized vehicle GPS monitoring systems. Our high-tech, reliable products, such as Starfinder vehicle monitoring systems, are in use in vehicle fleets in over 85 countries, providing fleet owners and stakeholders with top-down views of the location and performance of every vehicle in their fleet.

Anti-Theft and Location Monitoring

Laipac GPS devices are superb anti-theft devices. If you’re worried about the loss of one of your important vehicles, a Laipac GPS can be programmed to alert you if the vehicle moves its position, even sending alerts directly to the operator’s cell phone in case of unauthorized moving activity.

Geo-fencing is another important aspect of the Starfinder GPS suite – this feature allows you to set specific areas in which a particular vehicle is allowed to operate, and the GPS will send you alerts if the vehicle in question breaches these borders, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Driver Monitoring

Driver monitoring is more important than ever. With a Laipac GPS like Starfinder, you have a real-time monitor that allows you to determine driver positioning, check speed, motion changes and impacts, and alert you if unsafe speeding or driving occurs.

This has the additional benefit of great customer communication. If a customer wants to know when a vehicle or shipment will arrive at its destination, you don’t have to guess – you can simply check the real-time GPS monitoring information and give them correct, accurate updates, increasing customer satisfaction.

Easy Real-Time Monitoring With Location Now

Location Now is a comprehensive, web-based platform that allows you to access GPS data, logs, and recordings from any internet-connected computer. The intuitive interface allows you to get a simple, easily-understandable view of where your fleet is, and the performance and location of individual vehicles and drivers. Location Now can also be used on mobile devices, with downloadable applications available on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s never been easier to monitor the health and performance of your fleet.

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If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, comprehensive suite of software and hardware solutions to keep track of your commercial fleet, look no further. We can give you full details on your options, plan information, and help cost out the perfect solution for your particular needs.

Contact us today, and see our helpful application information below to learn more about how Laipac fleet management GPS devices work.

GPS Fleet Management

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