House Arrest Bracelet

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For House Arrest, Parole and Security Applications

Laipac is an ideal partner for providing electronic monitoring solutions in law enforcement applications. Our expertise with low-profile, easy-to-use, and reliable GPS technology allows us to create comprehensive and durable security monitoring solutions across a wide range of law enforcement needs.

Laipac S911 Bracelet ST – Purpose-Built For Law Enforcement

The Laipac S911 Bracelet ST is purpose-built for law enforcement. This high-quality, shock-resistant GPS locator features a locking security band that is tamper-resistant and sends messages and alerts to monitoring centers in case of a breach.

The Laipac S911 Bracelet ST is also highly customizable – whether in use for a house arrest application, parole, or just general monitoring of activity. This is because the monitoring station can use a flexible, customizable geo-fencing system to set up multiple “zones”, within which a convict or parolee is allowed to be, and send alerts when these zones are breached.

House Arrest Bracelet
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Smart Location Monitoring Systems

House Arrest Bracelet

The S911 ST has been built specifically with real-time monitoring in mind. Minutes and seconds count in law enforcement applications, and the S911 ST provides minute-by-minute, accurate location data.

That’s not all, though. The robust Location Now software provided by Laipac allows you to look at historical location data, giving you a comprehensive look at the movements of a parolee or someone who is out on bond, and allowing law enforcement agencies to gather plenty of information on the behaviour and actions of those being monitored.

Low battery alerts are also sent directly to monitoring stations. These can be helpful – even the most conscientious parolee or individual can forget to charge their device. This feature informs law enforcement that a battery may run out and contact may be lost, and directs them to get in touch with the individual in question to remind them to charge the battery of their device.

Emergency Alerts And Response

The Laipac S911 ST comes with a built-in emergency alert system that can be triggered upon detection of sudden falls or movement, detected by the three-dimensional accelerometer contained within. Additionally, an emergency SOS button can be triggered by the wearer, with a speakerphone and an open mic that allows communication between the monitoring center and the wearer in case of emergencies.

Laipac Specializes In Robust Design And Reliable GPS Coverage

The Laipac S911 ST has been built with quality and durability in mind, and features a shock-resistant, IP67 water-resistant design. This allows it to be worn in just about every situation a parolee or house-arrested individual may have, and ensures that these bands will last for years in your law enforcement agency.

See What Laipac Can Do For Your Law Enforcement Agency

If you’d like further details on the cost, operation, and capabilities of our GPS devices for law enforcement applications, get in touch. We also offer vehicle tracking devices, fleet management solutions, and other GPS trackers.

For a visual overview about the operation of our house-arrest devices, take a look below, and check out our video about the S911 ST.

House Arrest Bracelet

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