Lone Workers Safety Solutions

Lone Workers Monitoring Safety Solutions

Monitoring and Safety for Remote Employees

Laipac is also a well-known provider of GPS tracking systems that can aid companies who deploy lone workers to challenging environments for extended periods of time.

Though no company likes to send lone workers out for long assignments, it’s sometimes necessary, especially in more remote and difficult areas of the world. Workers responsible for maintaining power lines and other delicate, important infrastructure can often be out-of-touch for long periods of time, especially in areas where cell phone connectivity is hard to come by.

Anti-Theft and Location Monitoring

Laipac can help provide remote monitoring and safety solutions for employees who must work alone in extreme environments. Since our devices operate on GPS-based, satellite networks, you never have to worry about losing connectivity to the monitoring devices sent with your employee, and can easily get a real-time report about their activities, location, and current situation.

All monitoring can be conducted through our easy-to-use web application, Location Now. You can view comprehensive data about location over time, see real-time data about current locations and activity, and even initiate cell-phone based emergency contact, if necessary.

Geofencing is another important method by which worker safety can be ensured. By setting up a geofence, the monitoring station can ensure that the worker stays with safe areas and preferred locations – and you can get an automated alert if that perimeter is breached.

Lone Workers Safety Solutions

Emergency/SOS Functions

However, one of the most important features of Laipac lone worker systems like the S911 Lola is the emergency notification feature. This SOS feature allows the worker to get in touch with the monitoring center in case of an emergency by pressing an easy-to-reach button on the device, and it can be triggered automatically by the three-way accelerometer fall detector located within the device.

Whether triggered manually or automatically, a message will immediately be sent to the monitoring center, SMS messages will be sent to the set support number, and a phone call will be made by the device to the monitoring center, allowing hands-free two-way communication with the worker in question.

The best part of using a Laipac device like the S911 Lola for lone worker applications is its ease-of-use and unobtrusiveness. The S911 Lola is smaller than a car remote, and can be easily attached to a keychain, belt, or worn with a wrist strap.

Laipac devices will stay out of the way of your worker when they don’t need them, but will continue to send updates about their location, and offer them emergency contact and SOS functionality if an accident occurs.

Keep Your Workers Safe

Worker safety is paramount in every sector of life, and that’s never so true as with remote workers who have little backup, and perform most of their jobs without any contact with other workers in their area.

Worker safety is difficult in these situations, but supplying your workers with Laipac emergency contact and tracking devices can be a great way to ensure that you’re doing all you can to protect them, monitor them, and keep them safe.

Get in touch with Laipac today, and see how we can help you keep your workers safe. See more about how our applications work below, with our step-by-step feature breakdown and helpful graphics.

Lone Workers Safety Solutions

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