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Personal Emergency Response System

Laipac is an industry leader when it comes to mobile healthcare solutions. Our high-quality GPS technology has a huge amount of applications, whether you’re a medical professional, caregiver, or just worried about a loved one who is suffering from a disability that may impair their judgement or memory, and cause them to get lost, even in familiar environments.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

For personal usage or caregiver use, the most popular Laipac product is the S911 Lola, a small and unobtrusive GPS locator and pERS (personal Emergency Response System) that is about the size of a remote for a vehicle, and can easily be placed on a keychain, worn on a belt, or place around a wrist using an optional band accessory.

The S911 Lola allows for robust tracking combined with our intuitive web-based tracking application, Location Now. The location of the monitored person can be easily tracked, and the device features a robust AGPS assisted GPS system to allow for good performance both indoors and outdoors.

Mobile Healthcare
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Beyond simple tracking, the device allows for emergency response with a panic button, as well as a two-way cellular system that can make calls to a caregiver or loved one at the push of a button, and can receive incoming calls automatically.

Other features include a fall detection system and a medication reminder feature, as well as “Geo-Fencing” which can set up safe zones that will trigger if the GPS moves out of range, or turns off completely.

Together, these features make the S911 Lola the premier personal pERS system on the market, and a great choice for any caregiver who is concerned about the safety of a loved one who is suffering from cognitive issues or disabilities, or is otherwise at risk of harming themselves or getting lost.

Professional Medical Tracking Systems

Mobile Healthcare

For healthcare workers that are in environments where they’re taking care of many people with cognitive disabilities, a reliable medical tracking system can be the most important method by which the safety and security of patients are ensured.

The S911 HC bracelet has been designed with the needs of medical professionals in mind. This wristband-based tracker has a tamper-resistant wristband that makes removal difficult, and will immediately send a notification if it’s removed or sliced.

The S911 HC also includes two-way voice communication, smart logging that allows tracking of patient movements even when there is no cell phone communication present, and a geofence capability that allows multiple areas to be set up and monitored, with alerts sent if a patient goes out of range.

It also features an SOS function, three-way accelerometer for fall detection, and a long-lived battery, all built into an IP67 water-resistant package that is durable, shock resistant, and comfortable to wear.

All tracking can be monitored from our simple, intuitive web interface, Location Now – and even on mobile devices by using the Location Now app. The simplicity, ease-of-use, and safety provided by Laipac Mobile Healthcare products is second-to-none.

Get in touch today, and see how Laipac can change the way you monitor your patients, and protect your loved ones. See more about how our applications work below, with our step-by-step feature breakdown and helpful graphics.

Mobile Healthcare

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