Personal GPS location used to be in the realm of science fiction – but miniaturization and technological advancements have made accurate, real-time monitoring of individuals easier and more affordable than ever. Because of this, personal locators have a huge variety of applications.

For law enforcement officers, convenient personal locators are the best way to keep tabs on low-risk offenders, people who are under house arrest, or other individuals who can’t leave a specific area – such as a person who is out on bail and cannot leave the county or city that they are in. Tamper-resistant personal locators are very popular for such uses.

Individuals can also make use of personal locators for a variety of situations. mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems) used to be limited to only household usage – but now, they can be taken just about anywhere. Personal locators don’t just allow relatives to track loved ones, but can also provide cellular phone capabilities that can provide emergency two-way communication. This can be extremely useful for people with mental or physical disabilities, lone workers, isolated relatives, students, and for tracking children at school.

Healthcare workers are also now using GPS locators more regularly, especially when caring for patients with psychological issues or with advanced degenerative mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as in elderly care. With features like anti-tamper mechanisms, fall detectors, and other useful options, these locators are incredibly popular.

Laipac has specialized in personal locators since the inception of the product market, and offers models that are suitable for personal use, law enforcement, and for use by medical professionals.

The two most important factors in creating a great personal GPS locator are ease of use and simplicity.

Ease of use is absolutely crucial when it comes to a personal locator – it must be easy both for subject users to understand what the device is for, and for those who are monitoring movements to understand the interface with which they’ll track the device.

Simplicity is important because personal GPS locators must function correctly at all times, with no downtime. Minimizing extraneous details and only focusing on useful features allows for longer battery life, fewer “moving parts”, and higher reliability when the device is in use.

The S911 series by Laipac is designed specifically for the utmost ease of use and simplicity. Whether you purchase the personal monitoring S911 “Lola”, the S911 Bracelet HC (Healthcare), or the law-enforcement focused S911 Bracelet ST, when you buy a Laipac, you will be buying the very best personal monitoring devices on the market.

Our monitors have important features like fall detection, smart logging, assisted GPS for advanced indoor and outdoor functionality, and SOS emergency buttons.

No matter what your needs are for your personal GPS locators, Laipac has the right product for you. So see what we have to offer, read about the features of our GPS locators, and try one for yourself. Whether you’re an individual protecting an aging loved one, a healthcare worker, or a law enforcement officer looking for a new GPS solution, you’re sure to find something specific for your situation.