TLP 434A

TLP 434A

Laipac offers several low cost RF modules for high speed data transmission. Low cost modules include the TLP/RLP series of transmitters and receivers. These modules are very versatile, therefore perfect for OEM customers. We also offer a variety of Transceivers for voice, data & voice and data & voice & video. The transceivers are great for more complex, full duplex telemetry or communications.

This module operates on 433.92 Mhz., same as the standard TLP & RLP 434 modules but this module is made with significant changes in the size. This is SAW based and offer about 100 meters range in Line-of-Sight operating form 2-12 volts. The new version has a data rate of 4.8KB/s, over double the speed of the previous version and still provides 16DBm of output power off under 20mA of current. The module uses ASK as the form of modulation and has both digital and analogue outputs.

Model Main Features Frequency Voltage Data Rate Power Current
TLP434A Mode: ASK; Circuit: SAW 433.92MHz 3~12V 8Kbps +8.8dBm *

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