Starfinder BUS

Starfinder BUS

Laipac Starfinder Bus is a GPS tracking and transport passenger counter device with fleet monitoring features. Here are some examples of where the installation of Starfinder Bus is recommended: in buses, light rail, trains, subways, ferryboats, museums, exhibition centers, etc. This advanced technology solution assists any public transportation system in improving the efficiency of the Fleet Management Operations by increasing saving costs and comparing fare revenues. Innovated, not invasive, sensors located at the entrance of vehicles or buildings detect if a person is entering or exiting the area. All the data collected during the travel route (for example, boarding and alighting, time and location) is analyzed and accurately generates reports that allows transit agencies to plan accordingly to the actual needs and demands of the ridership. This data provides a comprehensive overview of your fleets:

  • Travel time
  • Transportation route
  • High and low passenger boarding points on the transport route
  • High and low passenger volume exiting points on the transport route
  • Passenger occupancy versus vacancy
  • Tracking and monitoring 24/7
  • Driver behaviour
  • Driver arriving and leaving pick up/stop locations
  • Transport engine performance and maintenance points
  • Report of transport location
  • Report of transport speed
  • Report of transport millage
  • Speed alert
  • Collision alert
  • Vehicle remote control of engine and locks
  • Geo-Fence break alerts

As a result, we have an economical and environmental sustainable system for real time statistical data of passenger traffic flow. Starfinder Bus is the perfect electronic device for Transit Fleet Operators who want to run at top efficiency and provide a better operational bottom line.

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Passenger Flow Sensor

Passenger flow sensors are installed at the top of the door. The shock-proof design of passenger flow sensor, ensures the vibration caused the buses traveling in poor road conditions does not affect the passenger flow sensors to work properly.

Passenger Flow Processor

Passenger flow processors are used for handling the signals returned by passenger traffic sensors, computing tin accordance with passenger flow algorithm operation, and then resulting in passenger traffic data. There are 3 processing CPU in the passenger flow processor, which are, respectively, for the front passenger flow sensors, back passenger flow sensors, and communications interface processing.

Gate Signal Switching

It is used to detect the current state of corresponding to the door. When the door is open, the signal responses to the passenger flow processor and handle, then passenger flow processor will start on the door of the passenger traffic statistics. While the door is closed, the passenger flow processor does not deal with signals generated passenger movement.

Installation Diagram

The passenger flow sensors are installed at the top of the front and the back bus door. The sensors can detect the width of 33cm. So each door required for installation of the number of sensors must be in accordance width of the actual passage of the door. All passenger flow sensors and gate signal switches are connected to passenger flow processors. Passenger flow processor is provided by the vehicle power.

This is a complete Web Based Tracking and Monitoring Solution combined with GPS Technologies and Wireless Communication Systems. LocationNow provides a valuable peace of mind that allows the customer to track and locate assets and individuals around the world. Laipac’s LocationNow is a very powerful platform that provides real time monitoring of locator devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The platform can monitor unlimited devices at the same time and in multiple locations. It has a user-friendly interface and it is easy for the operator to handle a large number of units.

LocationNow Features:

  • Locate group of devices
  • Locate individual device
  • OTA configuration for the device
  • Remote Geo-Fence setting on map
  • Configuration of timer for Geo-Fence privileges
  • Remote setting of motion sensor
  • GSM, GPS signal level showing in real time
  • Low battery alert
  • Geo-Fence alert
  • Report generation
  • History Playback on map

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